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Assessment/Placement Process at Cabrillo College

What is Assessment?

Assessment is a process to place you into the best math, English, or English as a Second Language (ESL) course for your skills and your educational goals. We use multiple factors to determine the placement so you can begin in the highest level class.

A combination of your test score and high school courses and GPA are used to determine your placement. We encourage you to bring a copy of your high school transcript with you to assessment. If you do not have transcript information, we will help you to self-report information that is an accurate reflection of your performance in high school. We will explain your placement recommendations after you complete the process.

Who Needs to Assess?

  • All new, first time students are required to complete the assessment process. You need to complete the assessment process if you are working towards a degree or certificate, if you are taking a class that has a math or English prerequisite, and if you want the earliest possible registration time.

Who Does Not Need to Assess?

  • Any student who is taking a class for personal enrichment, such as an art class, and has no educational goal, such as a degree or certificate or plans to transfer to a university. If the your plans change, then you may need to complete the assessment process. Students without an identified educational goal will receive the lowest priority registration.
  • Students who have already earned an Associate Degree or higher do not need to assess, unless you are enrolling in a class that has a prerequisite. It is important to send us your official transcripts to clear prerequisites. See the FAQs page for how to submit transcripts to Cabrillo.
  • Students who have results from the following exams do not need to assess. See the FAQs page for how to submit these scores to Cabrillo:
    • California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP, a K-12 standardized test)
    • Advanced Placement (AP)
    • CLEP
    • International Baccalaureate (IB) scores
    • Assessment results from another accredited college or university
  • If you are only enrolled in a course that is legally mandated for your employment due to a change in your industry’s standards or a change to licensure standards.
  • If you will be enrolling in some classes offered through Accessibility Support Center (ASC). Check with them (831) 479-6379.
Taking the Assessment   Submitting transcripts/scores and other FAQs
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